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Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership - $300 annual membership includes:


  • Up to 50 (Level-1) students, including unlimited Practice Tests and 2 Final Exams per student

  • Up to 50 (Level-2) students including unlimited Practice Tests and 2 Final Exams per student

  • Up to 50 Ethics Class students.

  • Real-time, email notification of your sponsored student's Practice Tests and Final Exams

  • 12-Page Quick Start Guide - for cleaners with no experience or anyone starting with practical training first

  • A private classroom with your Company Name through our Gateway portal

  • 90% discount on all Team Leader classes (10 students for $100)

  • Maid Training Academy logo and certification badge for your website

  • Free upgraded Formal Certificate templated for your students that earn certification ($10 value per certificate)

Regular Pricing to earn a Professional Cleaner Certification is $100  ($50 for Level-1 and $50 for Level-2)

The break-even is 3 students a year: $300 corporate membership / 3 students is $100 per student, which is the same price as an individual student.  So if you think you will have more than 3 students a year, you definitely want a corporate membership. The savings increases with every new student.  If your $300 membership is divided by 10 students = $30 per student to earn their Professional Cleaner Certificate.  This is a 70% savings from our standard prices. Don't just consider your current headcount. Consider your total headcount throughout the year, including turnover.   And at 50 students, the cost per student drops to $6 per student.

Need more than 50 students a year?  Get discounts with more students.  First 50 students = $300, next 50 students = $200, next 50 students = $100.  

A student is counted as soon as they take their first Practice Test.  The Student ID is their email address.  Discounts continue with Team Leader classes. First 10 = $100, or 20 students = $150.

Enroll as a Student and get credit toward a Corporate Membership.  Test drive the system by enrolling in Level-1 as a student for $50.  If you like what you see, enroll in Level-2 for $50.  This is the best insight to see if our curriculum meets with your approval. If it does, then sign up for the Corporate Membership, and we will apply your individual student fees toward the $300 annual corporate fee.  ($300 - $100 = $200 balance).  Contact Us to get the discount code before purchasing the Corporate Membership.  We will need the student email used to purchase the individual classes. 

Certified Cleaners save you TIME and MONEY.  Time is money, and getting out of homes on time is a classic problem for cleaning companies. Certification Classes improve speed without sacrificing quality.  All students are trained and tested on time requirements for cleaning the key and primary areas of a home. Most new cleaners struggle to get their speed/pace to professional levels.  Our classes teach the techniques required to reach and maintain professional times, and a big part is knowing how long it should take.  We educate on Minimum, Maximum, and Average timetables because getting out of a room too soon can be a problem also.

Ethics Class for Professional Home Cleaners.   Many professions require an ethics class as part of a certification or licensing process.   Maid Training Academy is the first to provide an Ethics Class for Professional House Cleaners.  Most people do the right thing every day, but the temptation is always there.  We all need to be reminded why we must do the right thing, even if no one catches us doing the wrong thing.  Corporate Members have stated that this may be the most important class we provide.  Owners put a great deal of trust in their cleaners, but if you don't teach and test for it, you are only hoping your cleaners do the right thing.  

Get all your people on the same page.  This may be the best part of our program.  Having all your cleaners and office staff on the same page with how you clean a home, fixes many problems faced by business owners.  Too often, maids will drift back to their old way of doing things if there is no written policy. Using and adapting the instructions of Maid Training Academy eliminates confusion and keeps cleaners consistent, regardless of what team they're cleaning with that day. Your cleaners will appreciate it and so will your customers.  Customers get frustrated when cleaning is inconsistent.

Weekly Meeting Topics for your Employee Meetings.  We have taken the two books from the certification classes (Level-1 and Level-2) and divided them down into 47 smaller parts.  Each part has a few pages and includes several cleaning topics.  As a Corporate Member, you get access to a page on this site that lists each of these smaller parts by month and week for the entire year.  Click on the link to download the pdf.  

Maid Training Academy is owned by the largest maid company in Georgia with multiple locations.  Our Area Managers love having these topics of discussion prepared and easily accessible from their phones each and every week.  It allows our managers to talk about cleaning techniques in a structured manner.  Our cleaners like to discuss cleaning techniques, so it generates good conversation in the meetings as we talk about our craft.

All maid companies do things a little differently.  MTA is not designed to replace your unique cleaning features, instructions, or checklist of cleaning tasks.  This is CORE training that is universal to most cleaning services.  You should provide additional training for your people on any instructions that are different from our instructions. Throughout the Training, we instruct students to check with their employers as to their rules that may vary from our instructions.  

Reduced Employee Turnover.  Candidates come into the job more prepared.  New employees with little to no experience will be more confident and less stressed about what is expected of them.  This helps to reduce employee turnover.  Keeping cleaners is always a challenge for employers, and this program will improve your results.  Moreover, if someone already has experience, the program will make them better.  Remember, less than 1% of all cleaners are certified professionals.  

Students are introduced to a wide range of conditions.  As a result, students of Maid Training Academy are more likely to stay in this industry because they are well prepared for some of the most challenging and frustrating aspects of their job.


Certification is a real value to the employee or candidate.  The person holds the certificate, not the employer. Anyone who earns certification can have certification verified by Maid Training Academy for employment or business opportunities.  It's a win-win for the candidate and employer.  


Use this class to screen applicants.  Require candidates to earn their certification as a condition of employment.  Many Corporate Members make job offers to candidates predicated on passing the certification classes.  Certification is a smart way to see if your candidate can read and comprehend. Cleaners must have good comprehension skills to thrive in this industry.  


This is not legal advice.  Check with your State and Country employment laws and seek legal counsel on all employment matters.

What happens if a student fails their Final Exam?

97% of all students pass their tests, which means some students fail.   When we build your custom classroom, we provide simple and clear instructions for the student to not take a Final Exam until they get a Practice Test well above 80% because the Final Exam requires an 80% score to pass.   The instructions clearly tell the student to take the Practice Tests as many times as they want or need without penalty. 

Most failed final exams are from students who did not get their practice test above 80% before taking their final exam.  Some employers will not allow a student to take the final exam until they have scored 80% or higher on their Practice Test(s).   Students get two chances to pass their final exams.  If they fail the first attempt, we encourage sending the student home to take more practice tests before attempting the Final Exam again. 


If a student fails both attempts, you can allow your student to retake the test, but they have to use a different email address since we track all students by their email address.  They will get two more attempts, and your account will be charged another student toward your total allocation. 

Certification demonstrates to current and prospective customers that your cleaners are the best in the industry.  Certification provides your customers with a certain level of confidence that your people know how to clean a home in a professional and standardized manner.

Proudly display the Maid Training Academy badge on your website and marketing material to show your customers that you only hire Certified Professional Cleaners/Maids.   This is a value to both current and prospective customers.  Distinguish yourself from your competition.

Easy to use and Mobile Friendly.  The system is easy to use, and we provide everything you need.  You will receive a "New Members Kit" that includes sample Student Instructions that can be customized to your liking.  (Word documents)   


Our site is Mobile-Friendly. Students can take classes from home or any place with internet access, including their smartphones.  Our classes and website are mobile-friendly and can be accessed 24/7 and around people's busy schedules.  It doesn't get any easier than that.


Real-Time Status or your Sponsored Student.  You will receive real-time emails of students' practice tests and final exam results, keeping you informed of students' progress.


Your product IS your people.  Invest in your product by making sure they know how to clean, and the best way to KNOW is to test.  Using the certification process, students are tested on 150 pages of cleaning instructions, with 200 test questions in total.  Certified Professional Cleaners know how to clean.


Proctoring the Final Exams.  When your student is ready to take the Final Exam, they should take it at your office.  You want to make sure the applicant or sponsored student is the actual person taking the test and not a loved one helping them out.  This is not a requirement but a strong recommendation.  Students who enroll directly through Maid Training Academy take all Final Exams from home, and that choice extends to Corporate Members, but there are advantages of testing both or at least Level-2 at your office.


As soon as they finish taking the test, they will get their score, and you will get an email with a copy of the full report.  Make sure you go over the wrong answers, if any, (80% is a passing grade) so you can see where they may be struggling and to make sure they know the right answer for sure.   The test will give the correct answers on the results page, but it's good to see what questions they got wrong and make sure they understand the correct answer.

12-Page Quick Start Guide.  This reference guide can help new cleaners with limited or no house cleaning experience.  Using this guide can be an option for onboarding new cleaners.  Click here for advice for a successful conversion to the cleaning instructions of Maid Training Academy.



Our video series is a tremendous enhancement to our curriculum.  Watching someone puts into perspective the routine and flow to clean a room. It will show the pace/speed of a Certified Professional Cleaner.  A video is the best solution to educating someone on appropriate speed, which words alone cannot.  Keep in mind, being a slow cleaner is the second reason why cleaners don't make it in this business.  It causes multiple problems, including burning out their partner, who has to pick up their slack.  A good slow cleaner, is a bad cleaner, in most professional cleaning companies.


Watching videos is not a requirement of Maid Training Academy to earn certification.  We instruct and encourage students to watch our videos throughout their reading, but we do not track them.  Will some students skip this recommendation?  Yes.  But we think that number will be low.  


As an employer, you may require your employees to watch the video.  That is your choice.  We think every student should watch these videos as it enhances their readiness and comfort level to start cleaning homes.  


Video Training Alone is not a substitute for certification


It's about the number of touches.  If a person watches a video one time, it is NOT going to stick.  That is only one touch. Compare that to our written certification class, where the student is getting up to 5 touches for each class.


1.  Read the class book

2.  Take Practice Test (100 questions)

3.  Take Practice Test again (97% of students take the Practice Test 2 times or more)

4.  Take Final Exam (100 questions)

5.  Watch the videos throughout the reading


It's going to stick better using the Maid Training Academy system because there are 5 touches compared to Video training alone. It's just that simple.


The home cleaning industry has a higher-than-average turnover rate.  Some turnover is attributed to new cleaners being underprepared to do a good job.  Most people want to do a good job, but having them watch a 20-minute video on their first day and sending them out to clean one of your customers is not fair to the new employee, the other cleaners on the team, the customer, and ultimately the company bottom line.  


If a new cleaner is trained using our system, they will feel better prepared and not be as nervous, and they will do a better job.  That is a huge benefit in employee retention.  Many employee surveys report that employees value good raining higher than pay.  Wrap your head around that for a minute.

Rolling out your new training program to current and new cleaners

Unless you are a startup maid service with no cleaners, Maid Training Academy is going to represent a change, to some degree, for your current cleaners.  Click here for advice for a successful conversion to the cleaning instructions of Maid Training Academy.

Weekly Cleaning Topics for Cleaner Staff Meetings

As a corporate member, you get access to a new free Resource page that includes Topic for Cleaner Staff Meetings.  You get access to this page when you enroll.  The instructions and access codes are provided in your New Members Kit email.

We have taken the two books from the certification classes (Level-1 and Level-2) and divided them down into 47 smaller parts.  Each part has a few pages and includes several cleaning topics.  On this resource page, you will find a calendar including every month.


Use these smaller snippets of cleaning instructions in your weekly employee meetings.  Cleaners like to discuss cleaning techniques, so it generates good conversation in the meetings.  And with all of our training, if your company doesn't clean exactly that way, then ignore that topic but it does help you to at least discuss that part of the home or cleaning task and how you clean.

Each month has 4 parts of a book, except December which has 3 parts.  Although January starts the series with Level-1, you should start with the actual current week of the year because it will keep you on track and you will eventually complete the entire series in a year.

Spanish classes.  Go bilingual or go Spanish only, the choice is yours.  In September 2018 we launched our Spanish version for Professional Cleaner Certification.  Get the same Training in Spanish as we have in English.   Books, Tests, and our Website are now available in Spanish.  Other languages are scheduled for next year including Hindi, French, and Portuguese.   You can add the Spanish version to any English Corporate Membership for just $200.  Click here for more information.

Research & Development

As the leading educator in Residential Cleaning, we are committed to research and development.  Our curriculum will continue to evolve and expand.  The current edition of Professional Cleaner Certification is our 5th edition.   Team Leader Training is the 2nd edition and we are adding new classes in the future to expand the knowledge of students and maid service businesses.


We take a scientific approach to all of our instructions and advice.  We baseline tasks, measure performance, and look for improvements in everything we teach.  We encourage feedback from our students and corporate members.  We are constantly gathering data on residential cleaning from every resource available. 

HELP US IMPROVE OUR CLASSES  If you have recommendations, we want to hear from you.  Our goal is to continue to improve our classes and the education of our students and your cleaners.  Continue to give us your feedback and recommendations.

Price Your Cleaning tool

Pricing starts for as little as $20 a month and no set-up costs.

Individual Cleaners or Maid Companies.  Easy to use for an individual and powerful enough for the largest maid companies in the world. Powerful and simple.

Can be used on your phone or computer.  You can use it on site or from your office.


Our Pricing Tool is based on 13 years of data, and over 70,000 cleanings.  This is the most accurate pricing tool in the world, with powerful benefits beyond pricing. This is more than a pricing tool.

Customers love it.  Customers (Home Owners) can custom-build their cleaning online in 5 minutes and automatically get 10 different options for faster buying decisions and increased sales.  It's Easy and Fun to use.

Endorsed and owned by Maid Training Academy, the world's largest online maid training school, with students and corporate members in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. (We can help with training)

Developed by the Largest Maid Service in Georgia.  This maid service pricing system was a big factor in It's Maid Day becoming the largest in Georgia, with multiple locations. We cleaned over 7,000 homes in the Atlanta area last year. This year it will be over 8,000.

You have control.  Set your hourly rate, prices for add-on services, discounts for removing rooms, and many other factors.  Upgrade to Enterprise Edition and control all conditional factors.  

​Integration.  The pricing tool can be added to any website or as a stand-alone solution for individual cleaners. 

Visit for all the details, demo videos, and a sample Pricing Tool to run sample estimates.



We do NOT provide legal advice


Contact your legal counsel for all questions regarding your State and Country employment laws.  Always obey safety rules and regulations for your State and Country.  

You are not allowed to resell Maid Training Academy  Corporate membership allows you to enroll students that are employees, applicants, or contract laborers associated with your company.  Maid Training Academy reserves the right to contact students to confirm their status and association with your company.


Corporate Memberships renew one year after your membership goes into effect.  Renewing is an option and there are no contracts.  We will contact you one month in advance of your renewal.  We do not auto-renew your membership.  You make the decision to renew every year, and over 90% of our active corporate members renew every year.


You should provide additional training on the unique aspects of your company:

Our program is CORE training and should not be the only Training provided to your cleaners and maids.  Here are a few recommendations on classes you should develop on your own.


  • Your "Cleaning Packages" and exactly what they include

  • Material Safety Data Sheets overview and Training on your cleaning solutions

  • Safety Training

  • Any instructions that are different than what we teach

Ready to start your Corporate Membership?  


Click on "Enroll in Class" from the top menu and select Corporate Membership.  Contact Us for discount codes for any Individual Student classes taken during your review of our curriculum.


Once you pay for your membership, you will receive an auto-generated email with the application.  Complete the one-page application and return it to us.  It takes up to 3 days to set up your Corporate Membership.  


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