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After you "Enroll in Class," you will receive an email with password(s) for your selected class(es). 

Return to this page, select your class and use your password to enter.

General instructions for each class

  • Read and Study your book  

Click the green button located in your classroom to open your book.  Save your book for future reference.     Study your book by reading carefully.  Some students print the book so they can make notes.  As a Certified Professional Cleaner, you will be expected to know everything in the book and perform to specific standards. Many professionals re-read the book and refer to it throughout their careers.

  • Take the Practice Test

After you read and study your book, get ready for the Final Exam by taking a few Practice Tests. The Practice Test is located on your classroom page.  The Practice Test can be taken as many times as you want.  We encourage students to take the Practice Test until they achieve a score of 80% or higher.   The Final Exam requires a 80% or higher to pass the class.  

The Final Exam is similar to the Practice Test, but it is not the same.  Make sure to read and study your book before taking your Final Exam.  

  • Take your Final Exam

You are provided the password for the Final Exam, along with your classroom access password.  You are allowed 2 attempts to pass the Final Exam for each certification class. 


If you fail both attempts to pass a Final Exam, you have to pay another class fee to retake the class.  That is why we stress taking the Practice Test until you get a score well above 80%. If you fail your first attempt to pass a Final Exam, go back and take more Practice Tests.  You can take as many Practice Tests as you want or need.  Some students will take the Practice Test until they score 100%.

Please note that the Ethics Class does not have a Final Exam.  You simply take the Ethics Test until you score 100%.

Common Questions:

Q:  How much time will it take to study for my exam?

A:  On average, students spend 4 hours on (Level-1),  4 hours on (Level-2), 30 minutes on Ethics class, and 6 hours on Team Leader 

Q:  What is the success rate of passing the class?

A:  Your success is our goal.  Over 97% of all students pass their classes and receive certification.

Q:  How long do I have to complete my class?

A:  You have 90 days from the date of purchase to complete your class.

Q:  When do I receive my certificate?

A:  You will receive your Professional Cleaner certificate as soon as you pass your Level-2 Final.  You will need to complete the Ethics Class to be registered with Maid Training Academy.  You will receive an email with your test results and your certificate.  You will receive your Team Leader certificate in the same manner, but there is only one class for this certification.

Click here for more information on downloading your certificate and an example of the certificate.  You also have an option to receive a more formal certificate for display and framing.  Click here for more details on the Formal Certificate for framing.


Q:  When should I watch the videos?

A:  You can watch the videos, located under the "Videos" tab in the top menu bar at any time. However, we recommend watching them after you earn your certification.  Please note that video training is not a substitute for certification.  In your classes, you will learn different ways to clean a home based on numerous conditions and situations.  Watching a few videos gives you a few of those situations based on that particular room in the video and not all the different conditions you will encounter as a professional cleaner. Videos do provide great insight into the flow and pace/speed you will need to follow.  

Q:  Are videos part of the certification process?

A:  Videos are a compliment to your training but are not required as part of your certification.  We do not test or verify that you watched them.  As a new cleaner, you will want to view these videos to see the physical requirements of being an excellent cleaner and to see some of the things you learned in class applied in the real world.  We think everyone should watch the videos, but they are not required.

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