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As a Certified Professional Cleaner, you will learn how to deal with many different conditions, situations and ways to clean a house.  Watching these videos is not a substitute for certification because they only show you a few conditions and situations.


Students are Instructed to watch these videos at certain times during their reading, as a complement to their written training.  After reading all the instructions you will appreciate more what the cleaner is doing and how they are cleaning according to the written material. 


For more information about course topics click “Classes” from the top menu bar.  When you are ready to enroll, click on “Enroll in Class” to start the process of certification.

Video Library


The videos for Kitchen, Master Bathroom and Family room are a complete cleaning without interruption.  We think it is important to see something, from start to finish.  As a result, these videos are longer than an hour.


Understanding the flow is critically important for both quality and time efficiency.  Seeing short videos with bits and pieces does not show the flow throughout the room.   Watching the entire process should be a better experience of learning.


All videos include narration from Bruce of Maid Training Academy.  Bruce's comments throughout these videos add additional insight to what you are seeing and in some cases, what you are not seeing.


Master Bathroom
Family Room
Window Blinds
Wet Wiping Doors & Door Frames
Move-In/Out + Refrigerator Cleaning
Making Beds &
Changing Duvet Covers
Bathroom Counters
with lots of Toiletries
Folding Tissue
Mixing, Wringing & Mopping
Recurring Toilet Ring
Top 3 Solutions Tested
Problem Solved
Vacuuming Carpets
Vacuuming & Mopping Stairs
Our Favorite
Canister Vacuum  
This video is only a recommendation and is not a requirement for any classes or certifications.
Ethics Class for Professional Home Cleaners
  Examples of how customers will ask you to work for free, and how to manage these situations to a positive outcome. 
Powerful insight into theft claims and how to handle them.  This video is good for Owners, Cleaners, and Customers.

More videos coming


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Look for these videos in the near future


  • Removing Heavy Soap Scum from Glass Shower Door

  • Using a canister vacuum in a home

  • Cleaning kitchen sink

  • Dusting Furniture

  • Hand wiping ceiling fans

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