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The most accurate and powerful Pricing Tool for Home Cleaning Professionals

Pricing starts at $20 a month and no set-up costs.

You have control.  Set your hourly rate, prices for add-on services, discounts for removing rooms, and all factors.  Start with the default settings used by the largest maid companies in the USA, and then change any settings you prefer to use over the default settings.  Start with world-class settings and change anything to fit your needs.

Integration.  The pricing tool can be added to any website or as a stand-alone solution for individual cleaners. 

Individual Cleaners or Maid Companies.  Easy to use for an individual and powerful enough for the largest maid companies in the world. Powerful and simple.

Can be used on your phone or computer.  You can use it on-location or from your office.


Our Pricing Tool is based on 13 years of data, and over 70,000 cleanings.  This is the most accurate pricing tool in the world, with powerful benefits beyond pricing. This is more than a pricing tool.

Customers love it.  Customers (Home Owners) can custom-build their cleaning online in 5 minutes and automatically get 10 different options for faster buying decisions and increased sales.  It's Easy and Fun to use.

Endorsed and owned by Maid Training Academy, the world's largest online maid training school, with students and corporate members in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. (We can help with training)

Developed by the Largest Maid Service in Georgia.  This maid service pricing system was a big factor in It's Maid Day becoming the largest in Georgia, with multiple locations. We cleaned over 7,000 homes in the Atlanta area last year. This year it will be over 8,000.

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