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Maid Training Academy is the largest online training school for residential maid service professionals or anyone who wants to learn how to clean like a professional.  Established in 2011, Maid Training Academy has quickly grown into a global educator with students in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.  


We work with Individual Students to teach or improve skills in the competitive residential maid and cleaning industry. We also work with Maid Service companies throughout the world to improve core competency and establish benchmarks for their cleaning professionals.  

Professionals in other fields are often required to complete and maintain certification in their field of expertise through a third party.  Certification provides employers, and/or the people they serve, with certain levels of confidence, that a person knows how to provide their particular service, at established and current standards.

In the residential maid industry, formal training is either not required or is provided by the employer, with no disclosure to the general public as to what was included or if the person actually completed any formal testing.


Maid Training Academy breaks down these barriers by disclosing course subjects in great detail and providing third-party testing services.  Click on Classes from the menu above to see the extensive list of topics included in each class. Employers and Customers can also verify certification for free by going to Contact Us and requesting confirmation directly from Maid Training Academy.

Our students learn more than just how to clean in the most efficient way and to the highest quality standards. Students also learn about the business side of residential maid service.  Classes include the business side of cleaning including Customer Service, and expectations from Employers and Customers.  


Our program prepares the student for a career in Residential Maid Services, and that goes beyond just cleaning.

Ethics Class for Professional Home Cleaners.  Many professions require an ethics class as part of a certification or licensing process.   Maid Training Academy is the first to provide an Ethics Class for Professional House Cleaners.  Most people do the right thing every day, but the temptation is always there.  We all need to be reminded why we must do the right thing, even if no one catches us doing the wrong thing.  Corporate Members have stated that this may be the most important class we provide.  Owners put a great deal of trust in their cleaners, but if you don't teach and test for it, you are only hoping your cleaners do the right thing.  

Our training programs are built on the real-world experience of some of the largest maid service companies in business today. Our programs are developed, tested, and used every day throughout the world by leaders in the industry.

Research & Development

As the leading educator in Residential Cleaning, we are committed to research and development.  Our curriculum will continue to evolve and expand.  The current edition of Professional Cleaner Certification is our 5th edition.   Team Leader Training is a 2nd edition and we are adding new classes in the future to expand the knowledge of students and maid service businesses.


We take a scientific approach to all of our instructions and advice.  We baseline tasks, measure performance, and look for improvements in everything we teach.  We encourage feedback from our students and corporate members.  We are constantly gathering data on residential cleaning from every resource available. 


Video training will continue to expand but will never be a replacement for the written curriculum.  However, a combination of written training and video examples is a powerful combination.  We added video training in 2017 to great reviews from our students and corporate members. 


Spanish Classes now available


We are excited to provide the first of several foreign language classes.  Click here for more information about our Spanish Classes.  As a global educator, we are responding to requests for our classes to be available in additional languages.  Our goal is to learn and monitor the Spanish program before we launch the following languages.


  • Chinese (Mandarin)

  • Hindi

  • Arabic

  • Portuguese


There are subtle differences in residential cleaning in other countries.  Our foreign classes will include those differences, however, cleaning a home is mostly universal, regardless of location.

bruce 2.jpg
Bruce W Bishop
Founder and Chancellor

Bruce W. Bishop founded Maid Training Academy in 2011.  The school was founded because there were no online classes to help train the cleaners for Bruce's newly formed residential maid company, "It's Maid Day".  


Maid Training Academy initially opened with just Bruce's employees but quickly grew to a worldwide provider.  Bruce's maid company "It's Maid Day" has grown, with the help of the training curriculum of Maid Training Academy, to become the largest maid service company in Atlanta Georgia, USA, with multiple locations around the city.  In 2022, It's Maid Day cleaned over 7,000 Atlanta metro homes, bringing real-world insight to our classes and curriculum.  

Bruce has a long history of writing training manuals and has written 27 training manuals, in several different industries. Bruce has been published 36 times by trade magazines and was a contributor to a book published by Kennesaw State University, USA, about trends in American businesses. 

Bruce was the Founder and Managing Partner of KYBA Benefits 1989 - 2005, one of the largest insurance agencies in the United States.  His agency managed over 700 corporate accounts, providing services to more than 80,000 people with annual premium sales of over 70 million dollars. 

Bruce and Maid Training Academy is dedicated to the education of Cleaning Professionals worldwide. 

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