Advice on Training Current & New Cleaners

Advice on rolling out your new training program to CURRENT cleaners


Unless you are a startup maid service with no cleaners, Maid Training Academy is going to represent a change, to some degree, for your current cleaners.  Here is some advice for a successful conversion to the cleaning instructions of Maid Training Academy.


Print this document and use it as a checklist to make sure you complete all the recommended steps to get the most out of your program.


  • Get buy-in from key employees first


Get one or two cleaners who are considered key employees to take the classes first.  Get their feedback before rolling it out to all employees/cleaners.  Typical responses range from acceptance to excitement. 


Experienced cleaners often comment that they learned new techniques and insight that makes the certification process a positive experience. It is easier to roll out a new program if key employees and cleaners can endorse the program from the personal experience of taking the classes.


And if you or your key employees have any concerns, it’s best to discuss that with a few key employees before rolling it out to everyone. 

  • You do not have to adopt 100% of the instructions in Maid Training Academy


Every maid company is a little different.  Throughout the certification classes, we stress that some cleaning companies may do it differently, so we set the stage for having different instructions.  If you have any changes in instructions, then you need to write those instructions down and use that handout with all current and new employees on the unique instructions that are specific to your company.

  • Tell your cleaners about the advantages of adding a structured training program 


The primary reason is “Getting everyone on the same page on how to clean a home.”  Everyone understands the importance of having standards and getting everyone to clean the same way, but you still need to tell them about all the advantages for them personally.


New cleaners get better faster with structured training

This reduces the burden of working with new cleaners.  No one likes to work with a new cleaner because they are slower and make more mistakes.  Our structured training program will dramatically increase the speed at which a cleaner gets up to acceptable speed and quality.

Employee turnover will improve


Cleaners who are better prepared are less likely to leave if they have clear instructions on what they are expected to do.   A common complaint from cleaners is the burden of high turnover.  It’s a burden to work with new employees, but it can be a nightmare working with new employees all the time.  Lower Turnover = Lower Problems

You can work with any cleaner because you all clean the same way

Cleaners are often required to work with different cleaners not assigned to their normal team.  This can be a burden and headache if everyone is cleaning a different way.  Cleaning will be more consistent regardless of who cleans the home resulting in fewer customer complaints.  Fewer Complaints = Fewer Cancelations = More Work/Money

Your customers will be happier and happy customers tip more

With everyone cleaning the same way and at established quality standards your customers will see the difference and may be happier with the overall quality of your cleaning.  Customers who are happy tip more and more often.  No kidding other corporate members have seen increases in customer satisfaction and tipping.  In addition to tipping, customers will also stay longer with consistent quality cleaning and that means you can make more money.   


  • Getting everyone on the same page is not saying what they did before was wrong


Stressing this point during the conversion process is important.  You don’t want to give the impression that how they used to clean was wrong.  This is about getting everyone on the same page.


  • Remind your cleaners that Maid Training Academy is the oldest and largest in the world


Maid Training Academy is used by hundreds of maid companies and independent cleaners all over the world.  As the oldest and largest training school in the world, these instructions are used and accepted by professional house cleaners all over the world.  We have students in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. 


  • Pay for CURRENT Employees to take the class


Not compensating “active employees” at least minimum wage for their time for required training may be a violation of employment law.  Be careful how you handle required training on “active employees.”  This is not legal advice.  You should always check with your legal counsel.  Laws are different by CIty, State, and Country.

The total time to get certified is approximately 10 hours at a normal reading level.  (Level-1 = 4 hours, Level-2 = 5 hours, Ethics is 30 minutes)   

Avoid group training because reading aloud takes twice as long as reading on your own.  

  • Talk about Maid Training Academy all the time


Although your cleaners will understand the benefits of a structured program, it’s still a challenge to get people to change habits and adopt the instructions within Maid Training Academy.  It may take some time for all your current cleaners to adopt the new instructions.  It is easy to slide back into old habits.


Talk about Maid Training Academy in your all-employee meetings.  Take a couple of pages from the training books and have that a part of your weekly or bi-weekly employee meeting agendas.  If you do not have periodic meetings with your cleaning staff, you should strongly consider doing so now. 


When your supervisor observes cleaners, make sure they are correcting/reminding the cleaners to stay with the method and flow outlined in your training.  Your current people will get there as well as new cleaners, but it has to be a constant point of conversation.  This is where some corporate members fail.  If you are not diligent about staying with the instructions, it just won’t work and you will be back to having all your cleaners cleaning differently and inconsistently, resulting in more complaints and higher turnover.  It's going to be challenging at first but you will be very happy once you fully adopt Maid Training Academy.


  • Tell customers that all your cleaners are certified professional cleaners


This is a huge advantage and you want to take full advantage of it.  There are several advantages to telling your customers, both current and prospective.  Certification demonstrates to current and prospective customers that your cleaners are the best in the industry.  Certification provides your customers with a certain level of confidence that your people know how to clean a home in a professional and standardized manner.


When you speak with prospective customers tell them that all your cleaners are certified professional cleaners from the world leader in maid training.  Customers will take notice, they will comment and ask questions about that statement.  You will close more deals IF you talk about it proactively.


We will provide Maid Training Academy logos you can use on your website and marketing material.  

Formal Certificate for display


We will provide you a template for a nicer formal certificate.  This optional certificate is nicer than the standard certificate students automatically receive when they pass their Level-2 Final Exam to earn their Professional Cleaner Certification.  


We charge $5 for this nicer certificate if the student contacts us directly.  You can provide this formal certificate to your students for free.  The template is a WORD document, so you can add the student’s name and the date they passed their Level-2 exam.  We recommend printing this to pdf, so you can email it to the student as well as print it for them. 


Getting certified is a big deal Most cleaners will display their new certificate on social media, and at home, for friends and family to see.  This may be the only certification your cleaners have ever earned, so it's a big deal.  Some companies will present their cleaners with the certificate at the all-employee meetings to recognize the cleaner of their accomplishment.  This is a great opportunity to build morale and increase employee retention.


Recommendations for getting NEW cleaners certified


All candidates, regardless of previous experience, should be required to get their certification as a condition of employment.  This keeps all your cleaners on the same page as to how to clean a home, AND you can test the learning and competency skills of the seasoned veteran at the same time. 

This requirement may weed out those candidates looking for a career from those simply looking for a job.  This requirement may weed out applicants who may struggle with written instructions and comprehension.  Most maid companies need people who can read and comprehend work orders and other instructions for cleaning your customer's home.  Not only are you making sure your future employees know the best techniques for cleaning a home but also that they are smart enough to read and comprehend written instructions and guidelines required by your business.

Consider using this process when hiring NEW cleaners:

1.       Tell Applicants you only hire certified professional cleaners 

           a.     Tell them you will pay the tuition for the classes but not for their time to take the classes unless they pass the classes required to earn certification

b.     You should consider paying at least minimum wage for their time if they pass the classes to earn certification. 

This is not legal advice.  Check with your City, State, and Country employment laws.  Always seek legal counsel on all employment matters.


2.       Tell them Final Exams for both classes are conducted in your office.

a.      This is not a requirement but a strong recommendation.  Individual students who contact Maid Training Academy directly, take their Final Exams from their home, however, there are several advantages of having them take both exams in your office.

i.      They stay on track better if they have a date to come to your office

ii.     You may find other advantages of having the applicant in office.  You may decide to give them a new employee packet with payroll forms after they pass level-1.  This keeps the applicant motivated and it’s a good time to get their background check paperwork started since they can take a few days to get results back.

iii.      When they come back to the office for Level-2 exam, they can provide you with their completed paperwork prior to their official start date for cleaning.

3.       It can take a few days or a few weeks to complete the certification process for new cleaners, depending on the situation

a.      The shortest recommended time to complete the two classes is two days.  It takes 10 hours to complete both classes so it is nearly impossible to complete both classes in one day.  The goal is for the person to learn and retain the information.  It is better for the person to take one class per day so they are not rushed or overwhelmed.  This would be considered the fastest time table at two days.

b.      Some students may need more time.  Some people read slower or take longer on Practice Tests.  Rushing a person to take both tests in just 2 days may force a good candidate to wash out because you didn't give them enough time to prepare.  We have found that giving the applicant 2-3 days per class tends to work the best but always ask the applicant if they think they will have time.  Everyone has stuff going on in their lives even if they are unemployed.  They may not be able to drop everything to dedicate themselves to 4-5 hours of uninterrupted study time.  It can take a long time to find a good candidate so you don't want to lose them because you are forcing them to stop everything to dedicate themselves to these classes.  If you give them a few days they can break the class into a few hours each day which most people can find if they are unemployed.  If you give them 2 days for each class you can have their certification completed within one week.  That usually works for both the applicant and the maid company.

c.      If your Applicant is currently working and they have to give a two-week notice, you may want to give them a week to complete each class because they have less free time.  They can dedicate an hour a day or complete the class over the weekend.   And if they can complete their classes over the two weeks you are losing no time in getting them on board.


When an applicant takes their Practice (and Final) Test, you will get an email notification and their score


This is a great tool to make sure your Applicant/Student is on track.  If you don't see any Practice Tests taken, you can bet they are not showing up at your office to take the Final Exam.  On the other hand, if you see that the applicant has taken the Practice Test, you know they are working on it and should stay on track to complete the certification process and your time table to fill a position.  You also get all Final Exams.

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