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Professional Cleaner Certification is divided into two classes, Level-1 and Level-2.  You have to pass both classes to earn your Professional Cleaner certification.  Now using our new 5th Edition curriculum. 
Team Leader Certification requires Professional Cleaner certification prior to taking the Team Leader class.
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Professional Cleaner 

(Level - 1)

(Level -1) book is 77 pages


Test: 100 questions


Students spend an average of 5 hours on this class including taking the practice test a few times before scheduling their (Level - 1) Final Exam



  • Average / Target time required to clean the areas reviewed in this book

  • Golden Rules of Cleaning

  • Importance of Detail Cleaning

  • Working Top to Bottom, Left to Right

  • Avoid backtracking steps while cleaning

  • Concentrating when you are cleaning

  • Reading the Work Order every time

  • Be careful what you say in customer's home

  • Keeping your voice low in the home

  • Use your bare hand to check counter tops

  • Move with speed and purpose

  • Learn your (Employer's) cleaning packages

  • Checking your work

  • Always put your cleaning tools back where you found them

  • Always be aware of your time in the home

  • Use both hands

  • Using a step ladder

  • Always report all accidents or breakage

  • Take great care of cleaning solutions in customer's home

  • Putting things back exactly as you found them

  • Think twice before unplugging anything

  • How to use a sponge

  • Never drop tools on the floor

  • Customer Privacy & Security

  • Not missing any rooms

  • Importance of your customer LOVING their service

  • The most common customer complaints

  • Common cleaning supplies and equipment

  • Making Beds and Changing Linens

  • Your apron

  • High Dusting

  • How to Dust Ceiling Fans

  • Using extension poles

  • Recessed lights

  • Air vents

  • Window Blinds

  • Baseboards

  • Getting behind furniture

  • Dusting and Cleaning cabinets

  • How to Clean Bathrooms

  • Mirrors

  • Sinks and Faucets

  • Countertops and Backsplash

  • Kick Knacks and Toiletries

  • Plants

  • Pictures and Items hung on the wall

  • Bathtubs

  • Showers

  • Heavy soap scum in showers

  • Mold and Mildew

  • Soap Dish

  • Shower doors

  • Testing to confirm all soap scum is removed

  • Toilets

  • Folding toilet paper and tissue

  • Mopping bathroom floors

  • Mixing mop water solution

  • Mopping floors until they are clean

  • What you encounter on bathroom floors

Professional Cleaner 

(Level - 2)

(Level - 2) book is 88 pages


Test: 100 questions


Students spend an average of 6 hours on this class including taking the practice test a few times before scheduling their (Level - 2) Final Exam


  • Average / Target time required to clean the areas reviewed in this book

  • General Flowchart for Cleaning a Home for 1 person, 2 person team, 3 person team, 4 or more person team

  • Working with your Team Leader

  • Entering the home

  • Common Cleaning Packages

  • Spring Cleaning (Deep Clean)

  • Move-In/Out cleanings

  • Blocks of Time cleaning

  • Collecting the trash

  • How to clean the Kitchen

  • Cleaning the stove

  • Control Knobs

  • Electric Ranges

  • Cleaning inside of Oven

  • Kitchen cabinets and Cupboards

  • Kitchen countertops & backsplash

  • Countertop problems

  • Drawers and Lower cabinets

  • Refrigerators

  • Stainless steel doors and appliances

  • Refrigerators with magnets

  • Gaps between frig and the wall & cabinets

  • Using your step ladder to clean top of frig

  • Small appliances

  • Cleaning the microwave

  • Kitchen table

  • Place settings on tables

  • Light switches and outlets

  • Kitchen Knick Knacks

  • Kitchen sink

  • Black / Dark appliances and countertops

  • Kitchen floors

  • Checking kitchen floors

  • Pantry room

  • Free standing trashcan

  • Laundry room

  • Gaps between washer & dryer

  • Water and Food bowls for pets

  • Short Dusting

  • Most common accidents and how to avoid them

  • Limits on how high you short dust

  • Knick Knacks on Shelf throughout home and bedrooms

  • Door, Knobs and Frames

  • Lamps and Lampshades

  • Chairs, Foot Stools & Couches

  • Pet hair and how to get it off and up

  • Cleaning Under Couches & Chairs

  • Moving Furniture

  • Pictures and Other Things hung on wall

  • Wall Marks

  • End Tables and Night Stands

  • Tables with glass tops

  • Plants

  • Books on Shelves

  • Candles

  • Fireplace Hearth

  • Dining Room Tables & Chairs

  • Chair Rails and Paneled Walls

  • Stair and Rail Spindles

  • Dusting Furniture

  • Televisions

  • Windows

  • French Doors

  • Straightening the room

  • Vacuuming

  • Being Careful when vacuuming

  • Plugging in the vacuum

  • Leaving vacuum marks on carpet

  • Adjusting heights on vacuums

  • Moving items out of your way when vacuuming

  • Vacuuming under beds

  • Vacuuming Closets

  • Vacuuming Area & Throw Rugs

  • Take care of your vacuums

  • Vacuuming / Sweeping corners and edges

  • Vacuuming Stairs

  • Pet droppings and feces

  • Liter boxes

  • Mopping Floors

  • Floor cleaning solutions

  • Mopping streak free

  • Testing your floors to make sure they are truly clean.

  • Wooden stairs

  • Rugs and Mopping

Team Leader

Team Leader book is 70 pages


Test: 75 questions


Students spend an average of 7 hours on this class including taking the practice test a few times before scheduling their Final Exam


  • Primary Responsibilities of a Team Leader

  • Common requirements needed to become and remain a Team Leader

  • Conducting the Final Inspection of home

  • Written Communication with customer through notes

  • Reviewing Work Orders

  • You can't blame your cleaning partner for Customer Complaints

  • The things that can go wrong with a job

  • Communicating with the office on any changes requested by Customer

  • Using the Customer's equipment

  • Making sure your team finishes on time

  • What to do when you are running late in a home

  • What to do when you will be late to your next job

  • Building a respectful relationship with your Customers

  • Your responsibilities to your team members

  • Attendance and Tardiness

  • What to do if your team gets a late start because of a tardy co-worker

  • You cannot stay at customer's home past 5:30 PM and why

  • Responsibilities associated with company car

  • Car idling time

  • Responsibilities associated with equipment

  • Reporting damage to office and customer

  • Getting special, non-standard requests from customers.

  • Cell phone use in the home.

  • Home alarm systems

  • Your cleaning partner(s)

  • How you talk to your Cleaning Partner(s)

  • The importance of taking breaks

  • Don't get too comfortable with your cleaning partner(s)

  • Things that can go wrong with your cleaning partner(s)

  • Staying focused on the last day of the week

  • Customer complaints

  • Predicting you need more time in the home to complete everything in the work order

  • Customers that want to hire you away from your job or on the side (moonlighting)

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