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We offer an optional certificate that is nicer than the standard certificate you receive automatically when you pass your Level-2 Final Exam to earn your Professional Cleaner Certification.  The second image on this page is the standard certificate.  It's looks good but we have limits with the system on making it look as nice as the optional Formal Certificate.


This formal certificate is hand created and may be more desirable for framing than the standard certificate. The formal certificate does not have your final test score, compared to the standard certificate provided automatically.  It has a nicer boarder, font scripts, 100 lb. paper, and is more suitable for framing.


There is a $10 charge for this certificate because we do have to manually check your score, create your certificate and then email it.  Please review the example Formal Certificate which is the first document on this page. 


It takes 48 hours to process your request and will be emailed to the email addressed used to take your level-2 Final Exam. 

Formal Certificate for Framing

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