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New Employee Packet & Benefit Review


Use the password, Clean888 to watch the video that reviews all the documents in your new employee packet, including an overview of all your insurance and employee benefits.

There are 5 benefits NOT included in your benefits packet.  Those benefits are Accident Coverage, Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity, Critical Illness and MetLaw Legal Services.  These are great benefits but the summary pages and enrollment forms are rather lengthy for all 5 benefits and we try to limit printing.  These benefit summaries are included below.  Click on the blue link for more information.  Review them and if you want to enroll, we can print the enrollment forms in the office or you can print them on your own.  These forms need to be submitted within 30 days of your start date.

Benefit Summaries

This section is used to provide copies of your benefit summaries as you were provided in your new employee packet as well as the 5 benefits that are available online only. 

Our benefits are provided through FrankCrum and they are your primary contact for any questions about benefits. ​

FrankCrum phone number:  800-277-1620

Click here to go to the FrankCrum website.

You can enroll in our 401(k) plan after 90 days of employment.  The company provides a 25% match up to 5% of your income.  That is a great value.  

Our 401(k) plan is administered by PAi and they will contact you by email 30 days prior to your eligibility date.  Click on the two links to the right to get some general information.

If you have questions you should contact PAi directly and if you have investment questions contact Spark 401(k), the investment company we use.

PAi :  (800) 236-7400     Click HERE for PAi website

Spark 401(k) :   (800) 431-7934    Click HERE for Spark's website

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