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Customer Comments

Name: Dawnya Allen


Subject: Thank You!

Message: We started using your training a couple of weeks ago to retrain all our current teams and we are so pleased. Your cleaning style matches ours so closely and I've trained them but I believe that learning several different ways is so important! We are getting excellent reviews from clients that have been with us for a while but are noticing a difference. I was getting so discouraged before using your program but I can now honestly say, it was the best decision we made! Thank you!!

Hey Bruce!


First of all, GREAT JOB on putting this thing together! Holy Moly! Hands down the BEST, most thorough training I have taken... and I have worked for 3 national franchises before branching out on my own 10 years ago! So, we would like to run all of our people through the system. I have purchased Level 1 and 2 for myself so far. I would like to add the team leader training. 

I read somewhere on your site that the cost of what was already purchased can be applied to the purchase of the corp program. I would like to do that ASAP. Please let me know how to proceed from here!



Thank you,

Tami Sellers

Owner, Anchor Services Group

Client Happiness Crew


Anchor Services Group

Message Details:

Name: Autumn Dell


Subject: Corporate Membership Coupon

Message: Hi! I’ve enrolled in both level 1 and level 2 courses and am now ready to purchase the corporate membership. Can I have the coupon code to have my fees go towards the cost? Thank you so much! Your training is giving me so much peace of mind when training employees and sending them out on jobs!

Thank you so much Bruce!

I love your program and look forward to more videos. Your program stands apart from all others. Your program teaches industry excellance instead of just standards as well as how to actually clean while everyone else wants to consult on operations and sales of the business. 


If you don't have the cleaning foundations, you will not survive in the business. 


I would love to see some videos on homes with difficult circumstances( toilets, shower soap scum and grease) as on initial cleans opposed to maintenance cleans and maintenance of things such as Vacuums


Awesome, thank you so much! 

Annettemarie Di Muro 

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