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Professional Cleaner - Ethics

Congratulations on passing Level-2.  You are just one step away from earning your Professional Cleaner certification.

You must pass Level-1, Level-2 and the Ethics class to earn your certificate.  This class is for Ethics.

The average time spent on this class including the test is about 30 minutes.  The book is just 10 pages and the test is only 10 questions.  Although this class doesn't take much time, it is critically important.

Follow these instructions for your Ethics class

  • Read and Study your book "Ethics for Professional Home Cleaners"  

Click the green button "Ethics Class" to open your book.  Save your book for future reference.  Study your book by reading carefully.  Some students print the book so they can make notes.  

  • Take the Test until you pass 

Unlike your Level-1 and Level-2 classes where you take the Practice test before your Final Exam, this class has just one test that you take until you score 100%.  You can take the test as many times as you need to get your score to 100%. 


You have a 20-minute time limit for each attempt.  Most students complete the test in 10 minutes.

  • Receive your certificate

Your certificate will be emailed to you along with your test results.

Ethics Test

Test Password: MTA374

Click here to start your Ethics Test

There is no final exam.  You simply take your test until you pass with a score of 100%  

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