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Online Training for

Residential Maid Service Professionals


Maid Training Academy is the world's largest online training school for residential maid service professionals or anyone who wants to learn how to clean like a professional.  Established in 2011, Maid Training Academy has quickly grown into a global educator with students in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.   


We work with Individual Students to teach or improve skills in the competitive residential maid and cleaning industry.  Earn your Professional Cleaner Certification for only $100.  Discover the benefits and value of certification.


We also work with Maid Service companies throughout the world to improve core competency and establish benchmarks for their cleaning professionals.  Corporate Memberships start at an incredibly low rate of $300 a year.  Click HERE for more information on Corporate Plans.

Student Logins - Jan. 2023
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A World of Opportunities

Home Cleaning is a billion-dollar global industry and in the past 10 years, it has grown an average of 6.6% each year. You can make good money whether you work for yourself or for a company, but there is a lot of competition.


Becoming a Certified Professional Cleaner (CPC) will open doors to employers and customers.  Certification is third-party verification that you have completed formal training with the world leader in residential maid service training. You will stand out, you will be a top candidate for hire.

Upon completion of the certification process, you will receive your certificate.  Keep it like you would any degree or training confirmation.  Your customer or employer may also contact Maid Training Academy directly and we will confirm certification.  These are powerful tools in promoting yourself as a professional.

Classes include the business side of cleaning too.  You will learn Customer Service, Common Complaints, How to meet expectations from Employers and Customers, and running a team of cleaners as a certified Team Leader.  Classes also include an Ethics class.  Many professions require an ethics class as part of a professional license or certification. Being prepared for a career in cleaning goes beyond just learning how to clean.  Click here to see all topics and classes.

Even if you have been cleaning homes all your life, these classes will give you insight into industry standards and techniques that can improve your efficiency (time) and quality of cleaning provided to your customers.

Save Time and Money, Cleaning Your Home

Learning to clean your own home can be a lifetime benefit for yourself.  If you want your home to look professionally cleaned, in the shortest amount of time, you will learn those skills here.  

Many homeowners hire maid service because they don't want to spend their entire day cleaning their homes.  Certified Professional Cleaners can clean a 3,500 sq ft home from top to bottom, including mopping floors, in 4 hours, by themselves.  Save time and money by learning how to clean your own home.

Easy, Flexible, and Mobile Friendly  

Students can take classes from any place with internet access, including their smartphones.  Our classes and website are mobile friendly and can be accessed 24/7 and around people's busy schedules.  It doesn't get any easier.

Our goal is for Students to Succeed.

Over 95% of all students pass their classes.  Sign up today and start your journey to becoming a Certified Professional Cleaner.  Continue your education with Team Leader certification.

Click "Enroll in Class" to start


Free Videos

Click on the "Videos" tab in the top menu bar to see videos of Certified Professional Cleaners cleaning the core rooms of the home.   

More Than Cleaning

Classes include the business side of cleaning including Customer Service, and expectations from Employers and Customers.

Being prepared for a career in cleaning goes beyond learning how to clean.

Ethics Class

Many professions require an ethics class as part of certification or licensing.   Maid Training Academy is the first to provide an Ethics Class.  

Owners put a great deal of trust in their cleaners, but if you don't teach and test for it, you are only hoping your cleaners do the right thing.


Corporate Membership starts at an incredibly low price of $300 a year for 50 students.

Explore the extensive list of benefits Corporate Membership provides maid service companies of all sizes and locations. 

Price Your Cleaning Tool

The world's most accurate online Pricing Tool for Professional House Cleaners.

Used by the largest Maid Companies to price any job within 5 minutes.

This is much more than a Pricing Tool and can be used by any company or individual regardless of office software system.

Pricing starts at $20 a month and it's easy to use

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