You have to have a Corporate Membership before you can purchase this class.  This 30-minute class is designed for the unique challenges Professional Cleaners face during this pandemic. 


There are many advantages to testing including proof that your cleaner took the class and passed.  In this litigious world, you need proof your employees were properly trained to protect themselves from COVID-19


When you purchase the class you will automatically be provided with a Sample Company Supplement form.  Use this form, if you like, to outline your company-specific COVID policies and we will add that document to your classroom page for free.  You must send the document as a pdf.  


Once you pay for the class, we will add this class to your classroom page within two business days.  It will appear below the Ethics class.


Want to see the COVID-19 class before purchasing?  Email and request a free copy of the class book. 

COVID-19 Training for Corporate Members